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At Community Living Meaford, we are committed to supporting people with disabilities in attaining their employment goals. Individuals are supported in a variety of jobs, ranging from office administration to manufacturing and customer service. Through Employment Services, people experience the dignity and camaraderie of work.

What is Employment Services?
Employment Services supports businesses to employ people with disabilities. Adults are assisted with every aspect of finding meaningful employment, including job readiness, resume writing, job searches, development with potential employers and job coaching. Participating businesses gain a hard-working, dedicated employee and develop a greater understanding of people with disabilities.

Who is it for?
Employment Services is for individuals over 18 years with a disability who are interested in community-based employment.

What are the benefits?
Employees have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate skills and abilities
  • Experience new work environments
  • Build self-esteem by reaching employment goals
  • Improve quality of life by working in the community
  • Expand social networks

Employers benefits too! They have the opportunity to :

  • Benefit from having dedicated employees
  • Become and equal opportunity employer
  • Improve public relations
  • and much more

Click here to see testimonials from our community.

As An Employer...

Our employment support staff work hard to match every employer's needs with people's interests and abilities. We work together to define how the position could evolve to enhance each person's full potential. We provide job shadowing for initial training when interested. We act as a resource, and can return for future training needs.

Many training events offered are modified for your employee with a disability. You'll find we are unique because our employment services continue beyond the date of hire.

We will work with you to provide ample support and phase out once all parties are comfortable. We can add support where necessary at specific times like at year-end inventory period by request. We are just a phone-call-away. Remember the rapport is your choice!

How Capable are Our People
Most people have a modified grade twelve or basic/general level education. In the past, people we have supported have found full and part-time jobs in:

  • Interior & Exterior Maintenance
  • Clerical (office assistant, filing, mailing, shredding, envelopes, bank deposits)
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Factories
  • Unionized work places
  • Food Services
  • Recycling

All services are FREE of charge!


Many people we support choose to live very independently and some have a valid drivers license.

If you are looking for employment or have a position to fill please contact us at 519-538-4165.